Our Services



We can repair most items in your home
o Drywall
o Deck/ Fence
o Faucets/Toilets
o Eavestroughs/Downspouts
o Dishwasher
o Stove (Elements, Oven Fans, etc)
o Fixtures

Upgrade & Install

Turn old into new
o Dishwasher, Faucet and Sink
o Toilet & Shower Faucet
o Windows and Doors and Door Knobs
o Baseboard, Crown Molding, Trim
o Kitchen and Bath Cabinet / Cabinet hardware
o Wall Fixtures - Grab Bars, Shelves, TV mount
o Flooring - Refinish, Repair and New

Clean & Maintain

Keep it in tip top shape
o Gutter Cleaning
o Clogged plumbing
o Furnace Filters
o Dryer Vent Cleaning
o Chimney Cleaning
o Satellite removal
o Pressure wash, House, Deck, Porch
o Tree removal / cleanup

Paint & Stain

A Fresh coat of paint make things look new
o Rooms
o Fence
o Deck
o Garage and Basement Concrete Floors
o Furniture


Save time and frustration
o Cabinets (Ikea etc.)
o Patio Furniture
o Play structures
o Anything that requires assembly


Design, Remodel, & Build

Get organized
o Garden boxes
o Closet storage organization
o Garage / Pantry Shelving
o Kitchen / Bathroom Backsplash


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